Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mad World NewsLocal HOA Under Fire for Denying Cancer-Stricken Little Girl Her One Wish

Mad World NewsLocal HOA Under Fire for Denying Cancer-Stricken Little Girl Her One Wish

I can see Hawk's Ridge Doing This.

A heartbreaking ruling from a neighborhood Home Owner’s Association (HOA) has determined that a six-year-old little girl in Missouri, who is battling cancer, will not be getting the one wish that her precious heart desires.

Ella Schultz has already been through unimaginable difficulties during her young life, in her fight to beat the disease that is ravaging her body and threatening to prematurely end her time on Earth.
When asked by her mom, Jennifer, what one thing she wants more than anything, she replied that she wanted to beat her cancer and stop having to undergo chemotherapy. She told her mother her second choice, saying, “A house. I want a play one.”
According to local news channel KCTV, the Schultz family worked with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and major construction company J.E. Dunn on plans to build Ella a beautiful playhouse in her back yard. Unfortunately, the heartless bureaucracy of the neighborhood’s version of the most basic of governments, crushed little Ella’s dream on the basis of aesthetics.
The Stone Gate Homeowners Association (of Raymore, MO) indeed turned down the plans. HOA leaders said building a structure in the backyard would go against the neighborhood’s covenants.
When the little girl who has bravely battled so much was told she couldn’t have her play house, she broke down in tears.

Reporters from KCTV asked the HOA’s president Stacy Bayers for comment on why the board was unwilling to make an exception for little Ella. Bayers replied, “The proposed plan they’ve given us is a violation of our covenants.”
Presumably due to the pressure of neighborhood support, Stone Gate’s HOA will meet again to discuss and hopefully reconsider their decision.
It seems that the list of contacts has been scrubbed from the Stone Gate Home Owner’s Associationwebsite, leaving only an email address to reach out to them with opinions. If you choose to let them know what you think, you can find that information here. You can post messages of encouragement by clicking the Facebook button, and also donate if you wish, on Ella’s GoFundMe page, as well as showing support by using #SaveEllasWish via Twitter.
This story is frustrating evidence that even on the lowest levels of government, the thirst for power in limiting people’s choices, even on their own property, has replaced the basic sense of human compassion.
The value of these so-called rules should not have precedent over even one minute of this little girl’s happiness, especially when she may not have very many of those joyful moments left.