Monday, September 24, 2012

Home Invasion

Good Evening Everyone
Just wanted to inform you of an incident this past weekend. One of our members had a break in on Wingate Ct. The person or persons opened an unlocked kitchen window that happened to be next to a door so they pulled the screen opened the window and reached in and unlocked the door.
The scarier part of this is the homeowner was home asleep and also had company that was sleeping the the downstairs rec room.
This happened approximately 2:30 am and 4:30 am Saturday morning and the person was so good at this the dog and homeowner heard nothing.
Please one thing that would help would be to turn on your outside lights at night and hopefully this will help detour this kind of activity because this situation could have turned bad real quick had the homeowner heard them or the person had more intentions than just robbing them.
Please with the weather being nice enough for windows and door open it is easy to forget to lock them at night.
Hope this is good useful information for each of you, if you know someone that is not on our email please share this information with them
Have a great week
Bill Pace